Bird Watching at Songbird RV Park Near Palestine Texas

Birding, which is formerly known as “birdwatching,” is one of the most worldwide outdoor hobbies and is still growing in popularity today. People who enjoy birding or birders come from all backgrounds and anyone can do it. From children to senior citizens, there are just as many different types of birders as there are different types of birds. Whether you’re just a person enjoying a calm hobby or you are traveling the world to find bird species you wouldn’t normally see, birding is a relaxing and enticing way to spend a beautiful day. 


So why do so many people enjoy this outdoor activity? There are many different aspects to birding that different people may enjoy but one of the main reasons why people enjoy birding so much is because it is a peaceful outdoor hobby. Birds are very aesthetically pleasing and truly beautiful to watch. Some birds are very complex and some are simple and that is something many people can relate to as well as their beautiful songs and sounds.


Luckily for birders, there are birds everywhere including at the Songbird Rv Park. Birds of all kinds can be found in a variety of places and can be found in the daytime as well as the night. You can also birdwatch while doing other things like doing backyard work or gardening, going for a walk or exercising in a park, or as simple as watching from a kitchen window while doing dishes. Birds bring joy to so many people and birdwatching can make a stressful day quite beautiful and relaxing. 


Spending time outdoors in nature is good for your mind and body. Many studies show that a walk through a  park decreases stress, and helps your concentration and your mental health. Other studies suggest that bird watching in general also can help with your health and that listening to songbirds can help change your stress levels. 


So how do you get started with bird watching? Well, it’s very simple. All you need to do to start is to go someplace quiet and find a bird. Simple equipment like a field guide or bird identifying book and some binoculars will also benefit your experience. You can also use your phone to bird watch and with the internet and bird identifier apps, birding has become even easier. If you want to stay off your phone though and be present at the moment, having a field guide with maps, photos and drawings of birds and examples of identifiers on the birds will be very helpful. 


You can go birding at any time of the day but one of the best times is definitely at sunrise and May is one of the best months as it’s the height of the spring migration. If you are new at birding, go in the wintertime because leaves are gone and food is on the ground and there are only a few select birds that have stayed for the winter season so it’s easier to identify them. People just starting to bird watch can stay close to home and go for a walk in their neighborhood, visit parks, and join birding clubs. Bringing along bird food can also help your chances of seeing different birds and bird sanctuaries are also a great place to go for professionals and newbies. 


There are tons of great spots for birding all over the US and Texas is one of them. With over 540 bird species, Texas is widely considered to be America’s birding capital. Over 67% of US bird species are inhabiting the Texas coast. Because of the coast and lake areas and the rainfall that Texas has, birds are thriving in the state. There are also many state parks in the surrounding areas and there are great RV parks to stay at including SongBird RV Park which is 5 miles from Palestine, Texas. Staying in an RV campground while birding is a great way to have a comfortable place to relax and be able to still birdwatch from the park, your RV, or other areas in Elkhart and Palestine Texas. 


So walk to a park closest to you, join a birdwatching group, or travel to our RV park to start your bird-watching adventures. Make a Reservation today at Songbird RV Park, Elkhart Texas.