2405, 2023

Hidden Gems in Palestine Texas

Are you looking for a unique and exciting experience near the Songbird RV Park in Palestine Texas? Look no further! There are tons of hidden gems to explore in and around the area. Whether you're looking for delicious local food, historical sites, outdoor activities, or unique shops, Palestine Texas has something for everyone. So get out of your RV and join us on this adventure to discover the exciting spots near the Songbird RV Park. While staying at the Songbird RV park in Elkhart Texas, you're only a short drive away from the [...]

2305, 2023

RVing in Palestine Texas at Songbird Rv Park

Palestine, Texas, is a charming city in the eastern part of the state, known for its rich history and beautiful natural surroundings. The town is situated in Anderson County and has just over 18,000 people. Visitors come from all over the country to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of the area, and RVers and birdwatchers are especially drawn to Palestine and the surrounding towns. RVing is a popular pastime in Palestine and the surrounding area, with numerous parks and campgrounds. One of the most popular parks is the Songbird RV Park [...]

1504, 2023

Birding at Songbird Rv Park in Elkhart Texas

Birding, which is formerly known as "birdwatching," is one of the most worldwide outdoor hobbies and is still growing in popularity today. People who enjoy birding or birders come from all backgrounds and anyone can do it. From children to senior citizens, there are just as many different types of birders as there are different types of birds. Whether you're just a person enjoying a calm hobby or you are traveling the world to find bird species you wouldn't normally see, birding is a relaxing and enticing way to spend a beautiful day.  [...]

1012, 2020

Palestine, TX & RV Parks

RV Parks Near Palestine TX – Notable Activities And Historical Sites Do you enjoy the freedom that an RV gives you - A choice to relocate your home anywhere and travel the country from your home? It allows you to spend time in some of the most beautiful and welcoming places that the country offers, such as the hidden gem that is Palestine, TX. So, RV parks near Palestine, TX, especially the one as stunning as the Songbird RV park, can be a great place to stay for a while. Benefits of Staying [...]

2405, 2020

Campgrounds Near Palestine TX

Stay at One of the Best Campgrounds Near Palestine TX Songbird RV Park is one of the newest and best campgrounds near Palestine TX. We had our official grand opening in March of 2020. When the campground was built, great care was taken to preserve the natural landscaping which includes mature trees that provide welcome shade. In fact, our owner chose the name “Songbird” because she stood under the big trees and heard so many birds singing, she decided the name was perfect. We are only five miles from Palestine TX. Guests tell [...]

1903, 2020

Palestine Texas RV Parks in Spring

Spring is a beautiful time to set up camp at Palestine Texas RV Parks. The East Texas weather is mild and the area is known for its blooming dogwood trees. If you’re looking for Palestine Texas RV Parks for your spring getaway, check out Songbird RV Park. We are a newly built RV Park located just five miles from Palestine. Our modern but cozy RV Park is just off US 287 with easy access in and out. Make us your home base as you explore all there is to do in East Texas [...]

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